Welcome to the hillscene blog


The hillscene editorial team (from left to right) Adriana Alvarez, Amy Middleton, Zac Exner and Ross Farnell.


Hello and welcome to the hillscene blog. It’s so exciting for us at the hillscene to be starting this adventure. It’s inception was due to the fact that hillscene and Burrinja Cultural Centre have formed a partnership to bring you a bigger and better hillscene experience. I’ve always wanted to have a blog but it wouldn’t be possible without the help of the great editorial team from Burrinja – Amy Middleton, Zac Exner and Ross Farnell. With their help and great ideas we’re making this blog into a forum that will be more than just one person’s vision. Each month, it will include guest posts from established bloggers, both local and from further afield, who will be coming to try new things in our area. There will also be posts from our young writers who will be mentored by Amy Middleton, Burrinja’s Community Cultural Development Officer. A post from Burrinja and one from me, Adriana Alvarez, the creator of the hillscene. With reviews and news from the local area that we can’t get into the quarterly publication, we hope to bring you more of what you’ve come to love about the hillscene and about our beautiful local scene.


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