Tim Smith: A local lens


Tim Smith, a Hills based filmmaker who lives in Upwey, graduated from RMIT’s Film & Television course in 1999. He has been working in the industry as a camera operator and editor for over 13 years with a passion for telling engaging and dynamic stories through the lens of a camera.

Many of Tim’s films document everyday life with such sensitivity, that even simple landscapes transcend to dreamlike environments.  His ability to highlight understated beauty is refreshing, and his attention to detail brings those things that are easily missed to the viewers’ attention. Whilst his films are diverse, each one seems to be rooted in an authentic passion for the subject and belief in the story being told.

Tim’s portfolio is diverse, and as you might expect from his line of work, he has had the opportunity to join forces with a wide range of exciting clients. He has just finished working on a series of adverts for the Melbourne Heart soccer team and he is currently working on an RACV video campaign, as well as a collection of TV commercials with Arc Films. Very soon he will be heading to Sydney to film Ferrari’s for a few days. Amongst all this, he still finds time to document local life in the Hills. In his spare time Tim has been filming the McDonalds in Tecoma story as it unfolds and hopes to produce a documentary about it in the near future.

We are really proud to feature Tim’s work on the Hillscene Blog and look forward to showcasing more of his films early in the new year. For now, we leave you with one of Tim’s most recent documentary films featuring music by local artists Lilly and King.



Post by Amy Middleton from Burrinja.

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