Emerge Where You Are: the creative process

Post by Sue Guzick.

When considering a response to the ‘End of the Line’ Burrinja stage concept and site, I felt a truer gesture would come from within the experience. What does it feel like, and what emerges through the movement to the end of the line? What are ways to mark and describe the discoveries?

For those of us who have spent time traveling by train we recall the ebb, stream, repetition, anticipation, and out-flow into the destination. The Belgrave line has its own characteristics, feelings, and lush explosion of nature and community at the end. Initial studies were created to sense, mark, and reflect.

Guided imaging is one of the methods I used to capture the experience of the Belgrave Line. It gave me a starting point for the creative process.

The Burrnja Stage will be located in Belgrave at Earthly Pleasures Café. Earthly Pleasures Café has a distinct aspect of place, another out-flow: food, warm people, and a nurtured historic building and garden. Stage placement responds to the site with glimpses from the street, views from the café, and a relationship to a great old tree. The installation further emerges from ideas of line, culmination, heightened awareness, colour contrast, and the form of gum tree barks. Community making, and their personal experience will broaden it.

The empowering thing about arts, place, and being human is that we all have access to the experience. We each have different discoveries and ways of marking them. Significant and unexpected things emerge when we uninhibitedly look at any environment we are in.


4 thoughts on “Emerge Where You Are: the creative process

  1. Shelley Krycer says:

    Love this – and the meeting of worlds – hearing about this at Burrinja and then stumbling upon the work in progress at Pink William in St Kilda! Creativity connects everything! Looking forward to seeing it at EOTL.

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