Hills in colour

hills in colour

Post by Shelley Krycer.

I had the idea for this curated colouring-in set for all ages featuring artists’ work about six or seven years ago. For me this is a nice reminder to feel ok about not realising all the ideas I have just as I dream them up. The good ideas will still be exciting to work on later down the track. It can take time for all the right elements to come together and to find the right people to work with! Creating this set with visual artist Emma Johnson allowed us to transform this concept into reality. Our different strengths complement each other and it’s been great working with a like-minded creative.

Hills In Colour (Just Add Colour) is about rethinking how we engage with artworks. It brings together ten black and white artworks by ten artists from the hills printed on beautiful loose-leaf fine art paper. Rarely, if ever, do we have the opportunity to take an original work of art on lovely paper and make it our own. It gets us really looking at it and noticing what it is the artist has done to make it just so unique and beautiful in a way that isn’t really possible without pencil in hand! And since they’re at a standard A4 size, these artistic collaborations could find happy homes in frames as well as on fridges.

Emma and I had a really fun time selecting works that relate to each other yet feature a range of different styles that reflect what is happening in the Dandenongs artistically. We imagine groups of people of all ages sitting around together colouring in different artworks. The back page gives you bios and the website details for all the artists included in the set, so if you like their work, you can see what else they’ve been doing.

EJ and SK-1

As an artist myself, I often have people tell me that the art activity they miss the most is colouring in…. and that they secretly pick up kids colouring-in books to get their fix. With the elegant, playful, beautiful works in this set, I think this might help secret colouring-in-ers colour loudly and proudly. The secret is out!

Hills In Colour (Just Add Colour) is available for sale for $10.

Stockists so far include:
London Art Company, 1660 Burwood Highway, Belgrave,
Limerence, 2/1642 Burwood Higway, Belgrave
Burrinja, Crn Glenfern Road and Matson Drive, Upwey
Mountain Ash, 1536 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, Olinda
Ripe, 376 Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd, Sassafras
Lululoft, Shop 4, 47 -53 Olinda  Monbulk Rd, Olinda
Kallista Tea Rooms, 103 Monbulk Rd, Kallista

They’ll also be available at the Forest Picnic market stall at End Of The Line festival Nov 30th in Belgrave
Online shop will soon be available at the (not quite fully set up yet facebook page) www.facebook.com/justaddcolouraustralia
We’d love you to colour and share at our facebook page too!

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