HillsFest Horror

Post by Amy Middleton.
Earlier this year, Burrinja and Tecoma Primary School partnered to develop ‘HillsFest’, a short film competition designed to encourage students at Tecoma Primary School to develop their creative movie making skills by producing a short film related to a given topic. All entries were judged and the best fifteen films, in the opinion of the judging panel, qualified as ‘finalists’.
Wren Gillett’s film ‘The Chain’ caused much debate with the judging panel. Whilst there is no doubt that this is a fine piece of film making, this horror film was deemed a little too jumpy to be awarded a ‘G’ rating as outlined by the selection criteria.
When I met with her to chat about the film she seemed undeterred that her film had not been selected as one of the fifteen finalists. She had chosen to make a horror film hoping it would set her apart from her peers. I can’t help but admire her bold approach and feel a little excited about what else she might come up with in years to come. Wren’s easy going confidence is backed up by smart ideas and what seems to be an instinctive creativity. She is already developing ideas for her next film “The Lucky Charm”. I for one can’t wait to check it out!
Click below to view The Chain. To see the other 15 HillsFest 2013 finalists, head to the Burrinja YouTube page.

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