Behind the Ink – The extended version

Jamin drawing 2

Post by Amy Middleton.

Writing the article about the Last Frontier Tattoo Shop for the current issue of Hillsecene Maga’zine’ was possibly one of the most rewarding writing experiences I have had. Not only was I able to spend time with a creative virtuoso (Jamin Swaneveld), and share some of what I came to understand of the tattoo industry with our lovely Hillscene readers, but I was also afforded the opportunity to meet Elaine Pullum. Elaine photographed the tattoo shop for the article and I simply couldn’t resist sharing more of her photographs than what the printed article had space for.

Elaine works from Turnpike Studio in Olinda and her primary practise is in sculpture. The themes in her work centre on our understanding and treatment of animals. You will have the opportunity to see more of Elaine’s work and to meet her in person at this year’s Dandenong Ranges Open Studios program in May. In the meantime Elaine can be contacted via email,

Cabinet 1 top shelfCabinet 1 top shelf detailPlum Last-Frontier-collage1Last-Frontier-collage3 Interior with Chair detail Last-Frontier-collage2 Feet and snakesCabinet 2 Crone and birdCabinet 1 bottom shelfSlime green


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