The Couryard Sassafrass

The Courtyard

The Couryard Sassafrass

Post by Amy Middleton.

I simply love how the hills keep catching me by surprise. Just when I think I have found all the gorgeous and quirky little shops that pepper the townships, I happen upon another retail wonder… The Courtyard.

Catherine Court opened the doors of The Courtyard just over a year ago and her shop is an absolute delight. You will find it just outside of Sassafras village on the Mt Dandenong Tourist Road.

Catherine has fine taste in gift and home wares and I couldn’t help but notice how many of our local artists and makers were featured in the shop. Original art by Emma Jennings, Tracey Roberts and Jacqui Christians is hung throughout the space… and everyone knows just how much I love keeping it local!


It excites me that people like Catherine are brave enough to start small businesses on the outskirts of the main villages because the less obvious locations always have something special to offer. The Courtyard includes seven rooms of beautiful objects displayed in a gorgeous converted house lined with original floorboards and crisp white walls. Catherine is delightful too… after all, any shop owner who has a basket of free organic herbs for customers to help themselves to has already won me over.

Be sure to pop in to The Courtyard next time you are in the area or when you need to buy something special.

courtyard2 courtyard3
or check out their facebook page.


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