#hillsceneLIVE pack

Tasty hillsceneLIVE

#hillsceneLIVE pack

Post by Gareth Hart.

For those of you who might have been camping under a rock in the past month, enjoying some solitude and hibernation as we approach Winter, you may not know that for the first time ever, the new issue of the hillscene was launched with its own Arts festival! hillsceneLIVE took place on June 6th, in all of the unused, unknown, secret and hidden spaces of Burrinja.

Audiences were treated to a smorgasbord of artistic and cultural offerings, from delicious dance to theatre, tasty sound to visual art, and zesty participatory experiences to live art.

You may notice (how could you not?) my use of food adjectives here. This is quite intentional. In programming and producing this festival, I became obsessed with the idea of live performing arts as food. I asked each artist ‘If your work was a food, what would it be?’, and I also created a menu for the night, as opposed to a traditional festival program.   There were two main reasons for this, being:

  1. Food can sustain us, recharge our energy, motivate us into action: exactly what good performance can do; and
  2. Food is good for your soul: Just like live performance.

So, for this weeks blog, I offer you the answer to my question from each artist, and see below for the hillsceneLIVE menu.

In the aftermath of this event, I feel wholly satisfied with what my eyes, ears and brain were treated to last Friday night, and I offer my humble thanks to each and every chef who created meals of cultural and culinary significance.

For those of you hungry for the next course, we launch the hillscene Spring issue on September 5th. No doubt there will be an abundance of tasty treats on off there too. As Amy Middleton and Emma Jennings teased us with last Friday night, ‘Come Play!’

Amy Middleton and Emma Jennings: A fine red wine…fresh, expressive and resilient, with delicate hints of the inky and painterly, set around a creative core!

Justine Walsh: Chunks of pumpkin seasoned with olive oil and nutmeg and rosemary and salt and pepper, slow-roasted to the point of caramelizing. Maybe even a full epic roast dinner if you’re feeling adventurous.

Sarah Tamara Kaur: Jam doughnut stuck on a digestive biscuit – sticky and seductive but with a real wholesome and humble base

Neil Triffett: A non-imported one

3MDR and Emma Johnson: An inside-out grilled cheese sandwich

Simon Godfrey: Trio of Dips

Jessica Harris: Mashed Potato

Gulsen Ozer: Soul food

Duaa Svim (feat Libby Maitland): Inedible

Vivienne Rogis: An apple eaten during pregnancy (A context driven experience of the mundane or expected that reveals the un-expected.)

Ben Kelly, Steve Davies + Roderick McLoed: Banana smoothie, with goji berries, honey, and egg and a few baby spinach leaves

Chun Liang Liu: It’s more like sprinkle water, hard to tell the taste but it is present.

Bronwen Kamasz: Raw carrot – bright & crunchy, and good for your eyes

Roderick Price: Sannakji [an aggressive delicacy]

Toni Main: Fernet Branca

Gretel Taylor:

Jak: Oysters

Maggie Brown: Leftover vegetable soup, reheated

MISFIT Theatre: Children of the Clock is tacos. It’s messy, and it’s going to burn you in the end.

hillsceneLIVE menu



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