Intermission-End of the Line festival fundraiser

Guest post by Jen reposted from Weekend Notes.

If you’ve never heard of ‘End of the Line‘ before, they’re a community arts festival put together by volunteers of the Belgrave Community Arts Partnership. Passion, generosity and donations (of hundreds of musicians, artists, performers, makers and the community) are what usually drives this vehicle and has made this event the diamond in the crown of creativity within the town of Belgrave. The 2012 and 2013 events have firmly planted it’s feet and carved itself into the cultural landscape of the hills. However, to strengthen and refine itself in a more sustainable way and to keep on moving forward End of the Line has now transitioned to a biennial format and given birth to ‘Intermission’. This condensed morsel of everything you loved about EOTL will be performed in one venue for a mind-bending, foot stomping explosive day. Think art exhibitions, installations, a stellar music line up and a range of other kooky performance based madness.

‘JOIN’ the event page and ‘LIKE’ the Facebook page to keep abreast of updates. You can also keep a finger on the pulse on the Website of this smaller scale event that will not only satisfy your artistic appetite but assist in fundraising for the full scale festival the following year.


Having attended another creative event in Belgrave like HillsceneLIVE 2 in September this year, you can be sure the artistic Belgrave community does not disappoint in its passion for the arts. Even though I don’t live in Belgrave, I’m definitely a fan. The Sooki Lounge is the perfect venue with its quirky ambience, not to mention a killer ‘brownie’ that is one of the best I’ve tasted after a Christmas shopping spree at the Belgrave South Community Markets.

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I’ve already bought my ticket to join in the fun and frolic of the day, so don’t miss out. It’s a crucial fundraiser to ensure that EOTL 2015 is able to be run and able to be awesome!!!! TICKETS ARE LIMITED! Pre-sale tickets are available from the End of the Line website or in store at Sooki Lounge and Limerence. The venue is the Sooki Lounge, 1648 Burwood Hwy, Belgrave (03) 9754 7567 and it costs $10 for a Day pass admittance from 3pm until 8pm or $20 for All day/night admittance from 3pm-3am.

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