Cokatoo card stamp

Christmas Cheer

Hillscene Christmas card

Post by Adriana Alvarez.

I’ve been making my own Christmas cards since my twenties. It’s always a bit of a last minute rush despite always promising myself that next year I’ll do it earlier. They’re not always handmade, sometimes they have been my designs or illustrations which I get printed onto cards but the intention of doing something unique and personal is still there.

Some have been more successful than others and in the last few years I’ve been trying to get the kids involved without much success. They help for the first few but then I’m left to finish the rest off on my own which is OK, maybe they’ll grow into it. Eventually they get sent off probably not making it in time for Christmas but they are always sent before Christmas, anyway isn’t it the thought that counts?

This years effort has got an Australiana feel. It’s a bit cheesy but it’s Christmas and it’s a good time to spread some fun and cheer. So here’s my Christmas greeting to you all.

Hope you have a wonderful festive season and your New Year begins with some cheer.

Cokatoo card stamp Cokatoo card print Hillscene Christmas card production

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One thought on “Christmas Cheer

  1. Sue Amico says:

    Merry Christmas Adriana! I love the Cocky (looks like one of our family pet members!) and learning print making is on my list of Things To Do! Hope you had a lovely day and all the best for 2015! Best wishes, Sue Amico

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