Bev Pergl’s bright future


Bev has been painting and teaching art classes from one of the Burrinja Studios for the past three years. Now that her lease has come to an end, it seems a new chapter is beginning for an artist who’s bold and colourful paintings give a glimpse into her lovely, kind hearted character.

Q: Please tell us a little bit about your creative practice.

It is totally liberating and unpredictable. My painting process is very serendipitous and I don’t begin with the end in mind, I allow the brush strokes and colours to bring form and shapes to the surface. When I’ve finished a painting I look at it and am amazed that I did it. The process itself and the end results bring me so much joy. The more I let go of what the painting is about, the more it flows.

Bev Pergl's studio

 Q: What do you enjoy about living in the Dandenong Ranges and is the environment you live in important to your making?

Yes, I love the freedom of living in this environment, the trees, nature and the sense of community. It filters through my art in subtle ways. Images of trees are a frequent theme, as well as animals or birds.

I am totally connected to this community having lived here for over 30 years. I have connections through my teaching in local schools, community groups, choirs, schools, yoga. I assist in running a meditation group in Upwey ‘Master Sha’s Soul Power Group’, at The Sherbrooke Children’s Centre with several others.

So many people have visited my studio over the past three years, I feel a deep interconnection. Sometimes parents come to my tie dye classes, after their children have been to one of my art classes. I’ve also met grandparents of children I’ve taught at local schools. I always see people I know in the street and at community events. That’s what I love about living here.

Q: What motivates you as an artist?

Being creative is an adventure of unpredictability that I find very soothing. I have to be fully present in the moment. It’s the spiritual connection to my soul which takes me out of my mind and overthinking.

Bev Pergl's painting Bev Pergl weaving

Q: Who are your creative heroes?

Brett Whitely with his beautiful use of line, Matisse’s expressive colour, Picasso’s abstract works and innovative ideas. Cezanne’s legitimising the distortion of form to balance composition, colour etc.

Q: Something else you want us to know? Here’s your chance!

My art is as much about healing as it is expression. My desire is that it would be used to make others feel happy and joyful. My art interconnects with the two other modalities of my business: Soul Healing and essential oils. Soul Healing is the process I use when I am painting, but I also diffuse essential oils, such as inspiration, awaken and joy when I am painting. This assists me to work through blocks quickly and the chanting process takes me out of thinking and analysing, which causes blocks. My future directions in art will evolve using both of these modalities as a healing form. I will teach others the processes I use.

For more information go to

Tel: 0449 654 343 or

Bev Pergl's painting

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