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Post by Adriana Alvarez

PAVE Festival is well under way and is packed to the brim with loads of great art, music, theatre, events and activities for both young and old. This year it’s program is celebrating 10 years of cultural delights by adding “an environmental message in conjunction with the sustainability theme of longevity and survival of the Performing and Visual Arts here in the hills and beyond.” Our own hillsceneLIVE organiser, Gareth Hart, has added a new element this year with a pop-up bar. We talk to him about this latest addition to this rich, cultural festival.

Tell us about this exciting new space that will be popping up for the PAVE festival.

Inside the crumbling brick walls, exposed beam ceiling and antique fireplace of the heritage listed old bakery in Emerald, we have set up a pop-up wine bar. A space for people to gather, to celebrate culture and community, and to enjoy some locally crafted wines and beer. And to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the PAVE festival (the HIVE doubles as the PAVE festival hub!)

How did you get access to this heritage listed space?

Mary Farrow and the Emerald Community House have been liasing, talking, scheming and generally advocating for this space for the past three years. It is owned by the Commonwealth Bank, and after dealing with three different branch managers, multiple people through head office in Sydney, and what seems like a huge paper trail, it has been offered to the Emerald Community House as a community activated space for the near future!

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How will this space enhance PAVE’s goal of building community resilience?

The HIVE is an example of individuals, community organisations and the commercial sector working hand in hand.  Which ultimately makes us all feel more connected and supported in our community.  It creates a space where we can gather, befriend each other, strengthen our pride of place and share in the celebration of our rich history. Emerald Community House fought for the space, Commonwelath Bank came to the party, Emersleigh Estate Wines have generously sponsored the HIVE. Rob Gearon purpose built upcycled furniture, the PAVE festival chairperson’s brother built and installed new windows, and our passionate visitors get to enjoy it. It really is a coming together of a multi-legged web of community strands.

What are your plans for this pop up bar over the time it will be open?

We hope to entice people to think about space and design a little differently.  All of the fit out of the space is recycled, upcycled, found, discarded and repurposed materials.  It is an example of being truly resourceful, through an artistic lens, without contributing to landfill and mass production! It is also a venture into thinking about how our history (given the space is heritage listed) can be harnessed and celebrated in creative ways.


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Any plans for a longer term bar once this space is finished or are you happy with the ephemeral nature of this project?

Shhhh! After the first few nights, I am actually exhausted from continually answering the plea: “will this be a permanent thing?”. We hope so, in some form. Multiple pop ups throughout the year, seasonal wines, alternative venues….sure, something longer term will definitely ‘pop-up’ (even if only for the PAVE festival next year!)

Describe any sustainable or environmental aims/features of your pop-up bar.

We are using solar lights where possible, everything is upcycled, we are collecting peanut shells from customers to continually make new art/installation, the majority of the installed design came from the garden itself, and all our wine and beer is sourced locally (low alcohol miles!). We love, cherish and are committed to sustainable endeavours. It just makes sense (and feels good!)

Anything else you’d like to add?

Come and see for yourself!

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HIVE can be found at the rear of the Commonwealth Bank – 1 Kilvington Drive, Emerald. Open every day from 5pm until Sunday 19th April. Find out more about what’s on at PAVE.

Photos by Neil Creek –

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