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White Ribbon Concert: Hills Against Family Violence

Carolyn Oates

Carolyn Oates

Post by Yvonne Joyce.

“This town won’t be silenced, this town won’t turn a blind eye”.

The words of Carolyn Oates’s song ‘This Town’ moved local songstress Jessica Nabb to organise a unique concert at the Selby Community House later this month. Hills Against Family Violence will be a fun-filled night of music and entertainment, but it also carries a serious message about family violence and the need to take a stand against it.

Family violence continues to be a problem—indeed, the reported incidences of family violence is on the rise. While men are more likely to experience violence by a stranger, women are more likely to experience violence perpetrated by a male in their own home. On average one woman a week, in Australia, dies at the hands of a former or current partner, and the measure of harm multiples when we consider the effect on children who live in homes characterised by violence. That domestic violence continues to be wide spread throughout today’s society may seem hard to believe but our idealisation of the family means that the sort of violence that gets meted out in people’s homes is often dealt with by ignoring it. Shame and silence, both at a societal level and at an individual level mean that little gets done about it and the violence becomes implicitly socially accepted.

But taking a stand and speaking out is what the White Ribbon campaign is all about. It’s a male-led campaign aimed at breaking the culture of silence through education and raising awareness. There’s no doubt that when a community comes together as one voice, marvellous things can happen –including putting an end to the tolerance of family violence. Jessica Nabb knows the power of the voice and especially the community connection and empowerment that singing in a group can engender. So while the concert Jess is organising addresses a grim topic, taking a stand against violence will be achieved on the night through lifting the spirits and creating joy through song.

Hills Against Family Violence is a truly community event. Selby Folk Club is sponsoring the concert and the oh-so Sweet Sassafras community choir will be performing. The wonderful Carolyn Oates will be there to sing ‘Our Town’ among other tunes, supported by Sophie Louise and the White Ribbon Singers. People interested in being a part of the concert are very welcome and are invited to attend an open rehearsal on Monday 16th November at 7.30pm at Sassafras Primary School.

Jessica Nabb with Sweet Sass at Belgrave’s End of the Line Festival

Jessica Nabb with Sweet Sass at Belgrave’s End of the Line Festival

Sophie Louise

Sophie Louise

There will also be a big raffle on the night with prizes donated by local businesses, musicians and artists, who have been incredibly generous. All proceeds of the night will be donated to a local women’s refuge. Material donations, such as bedding and supermarket vouches, can also be made at a collection point at the door.

Friday 20th September, 7.30pm
Selby Community House – Tix $10

Community + music + cause = change
You can’t get a better formula than that.

For more information about Hills Against Family Violence – singing with heart
White Ribbon –
This Town by Carolyn Oats can be heard at – soundcloud.com
Or find out more about Carolyn at www.carolynoates.com

For more information about family violence:
Domestic Violence Resource Centre – www.dvrcv.org.au
Royal Commission into Family Violence – www.rcfv.com.au
Department of Human Services – www.humanservices.gov.au/customer

If you are experiencing domestic violence and need immediate assistance call 000.
If you need to talk to someone, whether a victim or perpetrator, call Lifeline on 131114.

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