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Post by Adriana Alvarez.

Planning has been underway for hillsceneLIVE 2016. This year’s festival will comprise a full series of Artist professional development, workshops and forums throughout the year, and a big three day festival in October 2016. Yes, that’s right!  In 2016, hillsceneLIVE will be a full weekend festival. And we need your help to make this ambitious program a reality.

To make hillsceneLIVE happen we are running a crowdfunding campaign, in order to deliver the biggest and boldest festival to date.

We have been fortunate enough to be supported by Creative Partnerships Australia, through their MATCH program, meaning that every pledge you make will be matched dollar-for-dollar – provided we reach our target.

How often does $20 instantly become $40?!?!


See our hillsceneLIVE pozible campaign.

Your pledge to this campaign is an investment in the future of the Australia Arts sector, creating a vibrant and dynamic creative sector right here in our own backyard.

hillsceneLIVE is the only program of it’s kind in the Dandenong Ranges, which fringes onto regional Victoria. It is the only program that brings together artist of diverse practices, in a supportive and developmental capacity.  Through the program dozens of artists have been supported to create new work, ask new questions (of themselves and the world), and forge partnerships with other artists, makers and the community.

The campaign funding will be used to help the festival achieve it’s goals of supporting artists and their development. This includes supporting artists with marketing, production,venue, mentoring and a small fee. Due to a strange twist of circumstances, this pozible campaign is the major source of funding for the project in 2016.  With your support, we can roll out a super successful festival and support a bunch of artists who continually enrich our lives!

To find out more about hillsceneLIVE go to hillsceneLIVE.com


HillsceneLIVE has been made possible through the support and partnership of Burrinja cultural centre.

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