Meet the Winter editor and designer

Post by Adriana Alvarez.

Now it’s over to our second editor and designer who will be putting their own touches to the hillscene. Cameron has contributed to the hillcene in the past giving us a series of poetry workshop ideas for people to try out for themselves. With his ususal wit, he tells us a bit about his writing and what he has in store for our readers.

Tell us a little bit about your writing journey?

Age 1 – couldn’t write.

Age 10 – poor writer, bad speller.

Age 15 – loved writing fun little poems to entertain myself and my friends.

Age 19 – published my first book of poetry called Splat. Not classy, but fun… and you have to start somewhere.

Age 29 – only at this age did I actually start using poetry as a form of self-expression, thought clarification and emotional catharsis. And the publishing of Through The Lover’s Window represents this change.

Age 40 – at this age I felt a change in myself – moving away from the thrill of performing my own poems towards the joy of helping others find their way into considered words through writing workshops.

Age 44 – the present – I’m loving writing and sharing quieter, more meditative, poems; and I’m trying to write a long-form prose memoir called My Lemon-moon in Norway; and I’m loving running poetry workshops for students and adults and teachers and ESL students.

Cameron Semmens

Cameron with his daughter Mieka.

Why did you want to become an writer/poet?

The power.

The power to guide people into new worlds.

The power to bring beauty into others’ brains.

I’m all about the power.

What is an editor’s role in this era of fake news and alternative facts?

I do have a deep intolerance for fear-mongering and thoughtless living. I believe a commitment to truthfulness needs to be consciously chosen. And I believe that hard truths can still be said with gentleness and generosity.


I see my role as the editor of hillscene as hope-mongering, pro-thinking, and nodding enthusiastically towards inclusivity and generosity.

How did you become involved with the hillscene?

I’ve read hillscene for years – had a number of bits and pieces in published within it – and I think it does a great service for the arts and community in the Hills. So, naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to put my stamp on it as a wordsmith and a designer.

What do you wish you knew about being a writer/editor before you got started?

That people like to be asked to help.

Who are your creative hero’s?

At this moment:

Poet and philosopher – JOHN O’DONOHUE – his deep insights on being and his powerfully unique way with words are a beacon to me.


Pulitzer-prize winning poet – MARY OLIVER – her exquisite, precise observations of nature intermingled with pungent realisations and revelations are lighthouses to my panicy paddlings along the dark coastlines of creativity.

But next week, maybe, I’ll have two new heros.

What do you enjoy about living in the Dandenong Ranges?

I moved to the Hills six years ago, and I just love it up here. Its truly where my heart is. I live in Upwey. I frequent many of the local cafes… frequently. I regularly walk the paths of Sherbrooke Forest. And I love being part of the general milieu: the markets and all the special events.

Where can people find more information about you?

You can check out my website:
Facebook: just search for Cameron Semmens
Instagram: for my arty alter ego, you could check out: The_Crappy_Artists_Campanion

What are your plans for the future?

To make a living.

To keep being nice.

To try a few new weird hairstyles.

To make some beautiful things.

To be a good dad.

Something else you want us to know? Here is your chance!

Sometimes I write poems in my dreams.


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