Be part of Burrinja’s Cardboard Gathering

Post by Adriana Alvarez.

Burrinja would love you to join them for their virtual sneaky peek tour of its recently completed refurbishment. How you ask? Why, as a life size cardboard cut-out of course! They have extended the deadline for drop off to the 1st of May (this Friday) so more of your fabulous cardboard selves can join them!

Instructions can be found here on how to make a card board cu-out.
Then you can drop off your life size selves at Burrinja’s stage door Tue – Fri between 10am & 3pm by the 1st of May (ring the bell so they know it’s there). Be sure to include your name and social handles if you would like Burrinja to tag you in the virtual opening & tour.
If you can’t drop it off, Burrinja is offering a cardboard cut-out service available here for the small fee of $20. You’ll need the pdf of yourself from the link above to send to Burrinja so they can cut it out for you.

Be part of the fun and join this virtual re-launch from the comfort of your home. With a wine in hand of course.

Join Stax at the virtual tour event.
Burrinja logo

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